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My Blokhead is a moment recreating company. We produce handmade ornamental wooden figures designed to recreate notable moments in our lives. The company was established on the concept of replicating the human form captured in motion or in gesture to help deliver a story or convey a message. We're not all famous and on television, but we should give recognition and awards to those that deserve it. Let us enjoy and reward our moments with visual content.

The Blokademy Award Blokhead

Hollywood actors receive awards for their individual and extraordinary efforts. Wouldn't it be equally appropriate if we award those people that seem to always be super dramatic and uber sensitive about everything. They go over the top and out of their way to prove their point and are never afraid to go off of script. Reward that person with their own award.

Beyond The Canvas Blokhead

Do you know a highly talented artist who's work literally jumps off of the canvas and thru the frame? Here's how we see it... Reward that artist with a personal depiction of themselves and their art.

Memorial Day Blokhead

Show your support for our troops with this Marines Memorial replica or any iconic picture or statue.

Thank you ALL for your service.

The Martini Blokhead

It's five o'clock somewhere. Why not get the party started early and everyone else will show up eventually.

However, don't go too hard or you'll end up like this guy.....

Birthday Blokhead

Flush Groove Blokhead

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