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PINK....the NEW black & blue...

Pink is the international color identified to express the moral support for women with breast cancer. We wear pink to help promote breast cancer awareness and the FIGHT for a cure. The more pink that we wear, the more we pledge our support for women and the bruising fight. Along with the efforts to make breast cancer awareness a more frequent campaign other than at its peak in October, we must take into consideration the bruising fights that women face daily. My Blokhead supports the fight against breast cancer. At My Blokhead we also feel that the focus on breast cancer awareness in October should expand to the focus on the importance of women’s health and overcoming bruising fights year round. For this reason, My Blokhead has commissioned a series that expresses the struggles and triumphs of the bruising fights that women face and conquer. We would like to present PINK – a series aimed to promote women’s health through their struggles and triumphs. Pink - The NEW Black & Blue.

She Fights For Her Life

She fights for HOPE. Love. Peace. Respect. She fights for comradery. To raise a girl to become a woman, and a boy to become a man. She fights to protect herself from him. Against physical and verbal abuse. She fights to conceal the truth. She fights for alienation. To protect herself from herself. She fights back. She fights for the truth. The fight.

She Fights To Level The Playing Field

She leads into combat to fight for justice. She fights for the facts. Knowledge. Equality. Recognition. Authority. She fights to be taken seriously without doubt. She fights for opportunity. Accountability. Compensation. She fights to challenge limitations set against her. She fights to soar beyond the glass ceiling. Motivation. Self elevation. The fight.

She Fights For New Beginnings

She accepts her challenges and fights to complete her honorable deed. She fights for patience. Change. Acceptance. Support. She fights for satisfaction. Commitment. She fights thru resistance. New Mind. New Body. New Soul. The birth of NEW. The fight.

She Fights For Recognition

She’s in a league of her own but continues to fight for respect. She fights for knowledge. Guidance. Trust. She fights to motivate the minds of her successors and to educate herself from the challenges of her predecessors. She fights to perform and sustain at the next level. Success at it’s peak. Suspended in time. The fight.

She Fights To Get Back In The Race

It’s an uphill battle but she fights thru the pain to continue her journey. She fights thru fear. Loss. Seclusion. Disappointment. She fights to rehabilitate her mind then her body. She fights to prove herself. She fights to get thru the storm. The calm after the storm. The fight.

She Fights To Lead By Example

She is intellectually gifted, circumstantially educated and emotionally driven to fight in order to aid the idea of setting a standard. She fights in victory. She fights to be heard. She fights in concession. She fights to be understood. She fights to differentiate from the past, be an example to the present and pave a path for the future. She fights The fight.

She Fights To Better Tomorrow

She fights for change. She fights for order. She fights to protect. She fights to serve. She fights for the care and well-being of others. She responds. She teaches. She governs. The Fight.

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