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This page is designed to display Blokhead figures that are dedicated to the memory of loved ones. Gone but not fogotten

Rack 'em Blokhead

This piece was commissioned in memory of my uncle - Mr. D. My uncle was a great man and a very calculated thinker. His game of choice was #billiards and he would use the format of the game to help show us how to use the power of thought to be successful – not only on the table but in life. Offensive strategies, defensive strategies and knowing when and how to re-stratigize in order to get back in the game (of life). After each lesson was thoroughly and sometimes embarrassingly taught, he would calmly point and call #cornerpocket. And after sinking the 8 ball he would look you in the face, nod, pat you on the shoulder and leave you with kind words of reassurance - #RACKEM. RIP Mr. D. Thank you for everything!

Memorial Day

This is a Blokhead replica of the Marine Corps War Memorial. We designed this particularly to honor ALL who have died in #military service. We #honor #fallensoldiers this and every #MemorialDay by placing an #Americanflag on their graves. Together we raise our flag to those few and proud men and women who aimed high to be all that they can be as one global force for good – #THANKYOU #SALUTE Memorial Day

9 / 11 / 2011

In memory of those who lost their lives and those they left behind.

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