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Family Reunion 2013

Family Reunion 2013 was a success! Here are a couple of pics from the reunion..

2013 Reunion Portrait

Most of the family was back together again. Here are the family members that either stood out and or participated in many of the events that took place. Thank you all for your participation!

The Anchor

Grandpa never ceases to amaze us. He has over 9 decades of life, change and adaptation and he's still going strong. Here he is on his smart phone giving directions to the reunion while updating his status on social media. #theanchor

The Hosts

Many thanks to the host family for a great event. Everything was very well organized. Even their individual family photo looked well planned and organized. It was executed flawlessly. The little one stole the show! They may have to host again next year... No?

Three Legged Race (Starting Line)

Let the games begin! The three legged race has to be the most difficult team event at family reunions. The one participant has the absolute, ALL OUT win or die attitude. The other is just happy to be there and have fun. Let's see how this turns out at the finish line.

Three Legged Race (Finish Line)

Hmmm. Let's just say that if you're just happy to be there having a good time with the family, make sure NOT to partner with this guy! He'll make you famous!

The Great Promoter

It's always great to get the support of family no matter what the circumstance. Always be ready to share your business idea because you never know who's in the position to help. So even after getting dunked in the dunk tank, The Great Promoter was still eager to talk about and promote the business. What a trooper!

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