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March 2015

The Fine Print Blokhead

‪#‎FBF‬ - When we used to go thru the hundreds of pages of our‪#‎cellphonebill‬ and call our service provider to argue over miscellaneous charges the definition of ‪#‎nightsandweekends‬. I mean seriously….if it’s dark outside it’s ‪#‎nighttime‬ – right? ‪#‎Hello‬‪#‎CanYouHearMeNow‬

Back Bend Love

Part of our Yogi Series

True love has go to be reciprocated

Matrimony Series

The first piece in our Matrimony Series

Intended to tell the story of a union between two people

Valentines Day / All Star Weekend

Valentines Day fell on NBA All-Star Weekend

Love & Basketball Weekend