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October 2014

MOnday Nigh Football Week 8

Big NFC East showdown in Dallas tonight. 
#Cowboys vs #Redskins

2014 World Series

Kansas City vs San Francisco

Monday Night Football Week 7

Big game in Pittsburgh. Both teams at 3-3. Meaningful game. Big turning point for both teams! Who will come out on top?? 

The Love Seat

The best Gourmet Popcorn in the DMV. Order yours at

Let's Go O's

Hey Baltimore! Let's make it happen!!

Monday Night Football Week 6

Week 6 - Monday Night Mashup! St. Louis and San Francisco are battling in th NFL and the MLB on a rare October occurrence so why not shake it up a bit and mash it up.... Just having some good old fun Blokhead style.

Monday Night Football Week 5

Seattle in The Nations Capitol. The Secret Service will be in the house trying to blend in and disrupt plays to show that other organizations blow their coverages too!! #WeMustProtectThisHouse

2014 MLB Playoffs

May the best team win.