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May 2014

Memorial Day

This is a Blokhead replica of the Marine Corps War Memorial. We designed this particularly to honor ALL who have died in military service. We honor fallen soldiers this and every Memorial Day by placing an American flag on their graves. Together we raise our flag to those few and proud soldiers who aimed high to be all that they can be as one global force for good – THANK YOU!

L’union Fait La Force

May 18, Haitian Flag Day.The figure above displays Toussaint L’Ouverture, the leader of the Haitian Revolution, as he charges forward on a long struggle for freedom and independence. Happy Haitian Flag Day 

A Yogi's Life - Support and Balance

This is an incredible display of strength, confidence, patience and trust.

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing my mother and ALL mothers out there a Happy Mother’s Day. 

Also, reaching out to @bren1123 and Jhon who are expecting another boy to add to their happy family. 


Prom Kings

It's that time of year again so lets give a special shout out to all of The High School Prom Kings out there. 


College Lacrosse Tournament

Lacrosse is one of the most exciting field sports around. It was introduced to me by my older brother and years later I joined the high school team. Everyone trying out was interested in shooting and scoring goals so they hyped me up and dared me to fill the Goalie position. Being young and dumb, I accepted the challenge. Who would have thought that four years later my decision to play the cage would help punch my ticket to college - #DREXELUNIVERSITY It’s funny how that happens sometimes. Anyhow this is piece dedicated to Keepers EVERYWHERE - young and old and on ALL levels. Also, special shout out to#DREXELLACROSSE on a quest for a championship.

2014 CAA Champions