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December 2013

Salute To Service

Special order for my buddy that is about to deploy for the fourth time. He's a BIG 49ers fan and hopes they repeat this year and return to the Superbowl! 


MNF Week 16

Week 16 was Tony Gonzalez's last professional Monday Night Game. Great career. Good luck Tony.

The Skating Queen Blokhead

She the one at the rink that REALLY knows what she's doing. She captures your attention with her every flawless move. Left foot. Right foot. No feet. As she skates past you and waves hello your wife nudges you and says - Really??

The Skating Queen Blokhead

The Cowboy Roast

Huge game in the DMV on Sunday. Skins are looking to be playoff dream busters!

Baltimore @ Detroit

Huge game! Playoffs are around the corner!
Two great football cities going at it! 

Mirror Mirror Blokhead

Pretty in pink....and whatever else is in my closet.

MNF Week 14

Chicago's defense will have Romo wishing that he were back home.

Damarcus Ware has The Chicago Bear ready to tap out!

MNF Week 13

Huge NFC showdown in Seattle. 
MNF Week 13

Saints @ Seahawks