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September 2013

The Chicago Mash-up Blokhead

Chicago!! You have officially been Mashed-Up!


Dear Summer....

What a great summer....
Time to head back to work to do it again!!!
Lets go Chicago!!!

When Keeping It Baby Goes Wrong

Real life moment transformed into art


Mom Power

Real life moment transformed!


Monday Night Football Series Week 3


Oakland @ Denver



The Ultimate Fan

This is that rare time of the year when ALL four major sports teams are active. Here is a mash-up of the four in one. Meet D.C.'s # 1 fan and team - 
The Nat-Skin-Wiz-Pitals!
What's your team?

The Mash-Up Blokhead

National Tradesmen & Womens Day

It's National Tradesmen Day! 

Special thanks to Irwin Tool for acknowledging our tradesmen and women. Also, shout-outs to ALL the hard working men and women out there who get down and dirty to get the job done. Keep up the good work and always remember - SAFETY FIRST!

Monday Night Foorball Series Week 2

Week 2

Pittsburgh @ Cinncinatti

Monday Night Football Series Week 1

Monday night Football Series Week 1

Philadelphia @ Washington


PINK.......shown to be one of the strongest colors in the color spectrum, it has helped to embrace the cohesion and commitment for the best of causes. My Blokhead would also like to partake in the commitment for the cause. Stay tuned as we show what PINK means to us.