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July 2013

The Double Wide

The Maternity Wardens have multiplied without warning. More girls? More boys? Double the diapers and four times the smell....but whatever excuses you come up with, nothing can take away the joy of a new baby. And now, you have twice the joy! Just look at it as two for one on future helpers.

The Shock Catcher

The capture of a shark in the New England waters was a great moment captured and shared with the world. We wanted to relive the moment too so here he is. The Shark, no.....The Shock Catcher. 

The Two Timer

What more can I say??? 
He's a two timer and we can not say that we're surprised with this reality. He showed us signs early and now, this is what we expect from him going forward..... Who's to blame? The player or the game? Let's blame it on practice because practice makes purpose!

The Two Timer.....(for now)

Family Reunion 2013

Family Reunion 2013 was a success!! Most of the family was back together again. Here are the family members that either stood out and or participated in many of the events that took place. Thank you all for your participation!

Hail To The Chief

Here's a new addition to the Hail to the Chief Series - 2013 Hockey Champions! 
Back Together Again...

Independence Day

Happy Birthday America

As we celebrate America's Birthday, let us not forget or overlook the sacrifices that our mothers or fathers, sisters or brothers, nieces or nephews, daughters or sons or friends have made in order to gain and help regain freedom and independence locally and abroad.
Thank You.